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Edit Online Forms

Applicants can fill out and complete grant application forms in their web browser. The online forms and PDF forms (i.e., the Download and Upload links) are connected, so users may interchangeably complete the forms in the online format and PDF format and the data is shared.

The SF-424 form should be completed before any other form. The SF-424 form populates certain fields on additional forms within the workspace package, so it will save you time and avoid technical issues to complete the SF-424 form first.

Note: Many funding opportunities in are compatible with online forms, but if the Edit link does not appear in the Actions column then that form is not currently compatible with online forms. Review the Download Forms and Upload Forms help articles for more information on how to use the PDF forms. Online forms development will continue until all forms are compatible.

Actions and Buttons

The following actions and buttons may be available while editing an online form:

  • Save: This button saves the data and forms attached within the online form and updates the workspace with this version of the form (i.e., your work is saved to Workspace).

  • Check for Errors: This button performs a form validation check that provides field-level errors that must be corrected in order to move the form to "Passed" status. Every form must reach "Passed" status before an application can be submitted.

  • Close: This button exits the online forms. This will prompt users to save or discard any changes made since the latest save.

How to Edit Online Forms

  1. In the Forms tab on the Manage My Workspace page, click the desired form’s Edit link under the Actions column.

  2. Enter information into the online form fields.

  3. Click the Save button to save your work at any time. You will receive a message acknowledging that the save was successful.

  4. Click the Check for Errors button to receive a list of errors or missing data in the online form. The errors will specify the section and data field with an error.

  5. Correct all the errors, then click the Check for Errors button again to ensure all errors were corrected. You may save your progress at any time to return later by using the Save button. Continue to resolve errors in the form until you receive the notice that no errors were found in the form.

  6. (Optional) Add attachments within the online form if applicable.

  7. Click the Close button when you are done completing the form. If you have made changes to the online form and not yet saved, will ask whether you wish to save or discard these changes. Before closing the online form, will then ask organization applicants whether they wish to unlock the form.

    • Click the Yes button if you want the form to be Unlocked, which allows all other workspace participants to edit the form.

    • Click the No button if you want to retain the Lock on the form.

Autosave while Editing Online Forms

As you edit an online form, your data and attachments will be automatically saved every five minutes in order to minimize your loss of work should your web browser or computer experience problems. The data and attachments will be autosaved, but the workspace will not be updated until you click the Save button.

When an autosave is performed and the form you are working on is locked by an authorized user, you will receive an alert box. After clicking the OK button, your changes will be discarded and you will be navigated back to the Workspace.

Note: During an autosave, the online form will not be editable. The autosave may take longer for forms with large attachments or significant amounts of data.


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