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Grant Searching Made Easy: Mastering Keywords on

4/11/2024 10:00 AM

Unlock the full potential of and discover the perfect grant opportunity for your organization. Use these essential search tips and tricks to navigate the vast landscape of funding opportunities offered on

You Can Help Fight Fraudulent Activity

2/12/2024 9:30 AM

Each year, the Federal government awards trillions in Federal financial assistance. The vast majority of these funds are used according to the terms of the award and support critical activities across the Nation and in your local communities. Yet award-making agencies, recipients, and the general public are often preyed upon by fraudulent actors who use a variety of tactics to steal funding and other resources from the government and recipients.

A Quick Guide to Importing Data into MS Excel with an XML Extract

11/15/2023 4:30 PM

If you’ve been relying on the “Export Detailed Data” functionality and found it temporarily unavailable, you can still get what you need into a spreadsheet software. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to extract and load an XML (Extensible Markup Language) extract of data into MS Excel, so that you can obtain the data you need in the meantime.

Upcoming Releases: Improving Your Experience

11/1/2023 1:00 PM now has a new look and improved features! Following the recent maintenance period, now provides an intuitive and responsive user experience aligned with United States Web Design System (USWDS) standards.

While our October release brought you a new look and feel, we are aware that some features still need attention. To address these issues and make your experience even better, we will be rolling out a series of releases over the next few months.

Experience the Improved!

10/17/2023 3:15 PM

The web interface will be improved to provide a more intuitive and responsive user experience with upgraded security and enhanced navigation. The website will align with the United States Web Design System (USWDS), a federal standard to provide accessible and mobile-friendly websites to all users. It will be clearly identified as an official U.S. government website with a banner at the top denoting it as such. While content will remain the same, it will feel more user-friendly, fresh, and modern.

Grant, the Chatbot, can help you find the answers you need.

7/6/2023 2:20 PM always looks for new ways to serve its users and improve their experience. In 2020, implemented a new self-service help tool – Grant, the chatbot. Recently, a new and improved version of the chatbot was implemented with revisions based on user feedback. You are invited to test it out and provide feedback we will use to develop the next version.

Unlock the Mystery of the Gray “Apply” Button: Four Scenarios.

6/8/2023 4:40 PM

Have you ever encountered a situation on when the "Apply" button is grayed out and unresponsive for a funding opportunity? If so, you need to know how to ensure you're able to apply for funding opportunities. This blog post summarizes why the "Apply" button may be grayed out and offers guidance for when this occurs.

How to Manage Your Passwords in

3/22/2023 1:41 PM

As an applicant using, it’s crucial you manage your and passwords effectively. In this blog post, we provide tips and advice on keeping your account secure, using and resetting your passwords, and using your password to log into the mobile application and website.

Community Videos

The Introduction to Video Series covers the complete application process, from registering and creating a account to finding funding opportunities and completing an application package.

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