Summary of Upcoming Changes with User Impacts

(Revised April 24, 2024)

Effective Date: August 23, 2024
Grantor, Grantor S2S

As of August 23, 2024, Opportunity Package Templates containing these specific inactive Forms will be deleted:

  • ED GEPA427 Form V[1.1]
  • ED SF424 Supplement V[3.0]
  • HUD-52768 V[4.0]
  • NSF Senior Key Person Profile (Expanded) V[3.0]
  • IMLS Library Program Information Form V[2.0]
  • IMLS Supplementary Information Form V[3.0]
  • Objective Work Plan V[1.2]
  • NSF Cover Page V[2.0]
  • HUD Applicant-Recipient Disclosure Report V[3.0]
  • IMLS Museum Program Information Form V[2.0]
  • NSF Cover Page V[2.1]
  • NSF Senior Key Person Profile (Expanded) V[3.1]
  • Farm To School Grant Program (FSGP) V[3.1]

Impact: Since Grantors will no longer be able to create new packages with these templates, Grantors will need to support the latest versions of these Forms.

For the Summary of Recent Changes with User Impact, please see the Releases page for the details of the recent enhancements to