Update Opportunity Elements


This service updates one or more Opportunity common elements independent of components.

Input Parameters

This service requires the following request parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required/Optional Business Rules Web Service Schema
The information required to update opportunity. Required (Multiple Occurrences Allowed) See below for business rules GrantsOpportunity_V1.0: UpdateOpportunity

Return Values

This service returns a collection of objects containing the following details:

Return Value Comment / Example Required/Optional Web Service Schema
CompletionStatus Success, Partial, Fail Required GrantsCommonElements: CompletionStatus
ErrorDetails   Optional GrantsCommonElements
UpdateOpportunityElementsResults Update Opportunity Elements Results Optional (May have multiple occurrences) GrantsCommonElements
Success True, False Required  
OpportunityID Opportunity ID Optional GrantsCommonElements
ErrorDetails   Optional (May have multiple occurrences) GrantsCommonElements: ErrorDetails

Business Rules

The following are the business rules for this service:

  • Certificate must have at least one of the following roles:
    - Manage Forecasts
    - Manage Synopses
    - Manage Packages

  • Opportunity ID must belong to Agency associated with the certificate (or any of its Sub-Agencies if certificate has Manage Agencies role)

  • Opportunity Number must be unique across all Agencies

  • Opportunity Number cannot be modified if the Opportunity has a Package

  • Opportunity Category Explanation is required if Opportunity Category is ‘Other'

  • Opportunity Category Explanation must be blank when Opportunity Category is not ‘Other'

  • CFDA cannot be removed from the Opportunity if used in its Packages

  • Opportunity CFDA(s) must be active in Grants.gov

  • Opportunity must have at least one CFDA Number

  • Opportunity CFDA(s) must be unique for the Opportunity