Grantor Web Services

The Agency S2S Web Service Library Version 2.0 is described below.
Recommended web services:

Category Web Service Feature
Forms GetForms Get Forms
Entire Opportunity GetFullOpportunityDetails Get Full Opportunity Details
Opportunities UpdateOpportunityElements Update Opportunity Elements
DeleteAdobeOpportunity Delete Opportunity
GetForecastandSynopsisDetails Get Forecast and Synopsis Details
GetOpportunityList Get Opportunity List
Opportunities - Forecast CreateOpportunityForecast Create Opportunity Forecast
UpdateOpportunityForecast Update Opportunity Forecast
DeleteOpportunityForecast Delete Opportunity Forecast
Opportunities - Package CreateOpportunityPackage Create Opportunity Package
UpdateOpportunityPackage Update Opportunity Package
DeleteOpportunityPackage Delete Opportunity Package
GetPackageDetails Get Package Details
Opportunities - Related Documents ManageRelatedDocumentFiles Manage Related Document Files
ManageRelatedDocumentFolders Manage Related Document Folders
ManageRelatedDocumentLinks Manage Related Document Links
GetRelatedDocumentDetails Get Related Document Details
Opportunities - Related Opportunites ManageRelatedOpportunites Manage Related Opportunites
GetRelatedOpportunities Get Related Opportunities
Opportunities - Synopsis CreateAdobeOpportunity Create Opportunity
UpdateAdobeOpportunity Update Opportunity
DeleteAdobeSynopsis Delete Synopsis
Opportunities - Template CreateTemplate Create Template
UpdateTemplate Update Template
DeleteTemplate Delete Template
GetTemplates Get Templates
Submitted Applications GetSubmissionListExpanded Get Submission List Expanded
GetApplication Get Application
GetApplicationZip Get Application ZIP
ConfirmApplicationDelivery Confirm Application Delivery
UpdateApplicationInfo Update Application Info

The following web services are previous iterations of a web service above. These web services are still supported:

Category Web Service Feature
Submitted Applications GetApplicationListExpanded Get Application List Expanded (Replaced by Get Submission List Expanded)
GetSubmissionList Get Submission List (Replaced by Get Submission List Expanded)